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Dan Lloyd 

would like you to take a few seconds just to imagine your inner monkey!

Now I am hoping he or she is playful, swinging from branches, watching the world with sparkly eyes.  
Everyone has his or her classic image of the charismatic and mischievous monkey.

Monkey year, what type of year should we expect between now and 27 January 2017? Monkey years can be great fun and their actions can be really full of animation and dynamism. The monkey’s charisma is contagious; one bouncy capuchin can raise the energy ofthe whole troop with great ease. So as you can imagine almost as soon as the year begins its rousing and innovative nature will be obvious.

In past years events have erupted, leaving authorities tottering, where minorities have striven to be heard and their actions have made a real change, especially in more authoritarian areas of theworld.

The drama of a Monkey year can affect the world politically and culturally. Past years have seen the Polish Solidarity Movement born, this lead to great changes in Europe, the expansion of the EU by 10 member states in 2004 and many other revolutionary changes, including in 1776 when the USA declared Independence. 2016 will undoubtedly shape history and leave some far reaching ripples in our history books.

Monkey years favour progress and have seen some amazing inventions, it has been said that monkey years are years where anything can happen and when it does it is swift. Just 14 days after the beginning of the last Monkey year we saw the launch of Facebook in a Harvard dormitory, just look where it is now.

In space we saw the Mars Spirit Rover arrive on the red planet (2004) and it has sent back some amazing images and knowledge of our neighbour in space. This Monkey year will have similar developments as we strive for knowledge and advancement,especially with Tim Peak, our own astronaut on the ISS.

It was 12 years ago during the last year of the Monkey that we saw the Boscastle floods, and unfortunately Monkey years are prone to climatic outbursts. Maybe some of what happens will help us take global warming a little more seriously, whatever the cause, man made or natural, ignoring it will not protect us in the future.

Alas, many Monkey years have been marred by violence and have featured some high profile assassinations, including President Doumer of France (1932), President Kennedy (1968), Martin Luther King (1968), Archbishop Romero (1980) and John Lennon (1980), Let us hope that the next years portents are a little kinder.

The Summer Olympics in Rio will be a spectacle of colour and carnival, if the closing ceremony at the London Olympics was anything to go by it will be stunning, that is not to mention the fortunes of the athlete’s performing incredible feats of strength, stamina, power and skill.

The Monkey year is regarded as a year of great opportunity and possibility, they favour the entrepreneur and those who are striving for progress. The seed for personal growth has been sown, now is the time to unlock the potential within. We all have a set of powerful talents; the Monkey year has the energy and opportunity to make your talents stronger, so shine by nurturing or by sharing them.

My Year of the Horse

I have had a fantastic year, the family is growing up and they are flourishing, the business thrives, and I cannot believe I have been working as an acupuncturist for 15 years, I have met and treated some amazing patients and made some wonderful friends along the way.

This Autumn unfortunately I had to have surgery for a prolapsed disk. This meant that I had to put my life on hold for a few months, but things didn’t come to a stand still, I had the help of Jackie Pamment a great friend who has shadowed me for the last 15 years, I am most grateful for her friendship and her locum work while I recuperated.

During that time I was able to organise some renovation work on the Lodge at Iwood, and have created an even more beautiful haven where you all can be treated.

This year I have welcomed Shelley Gait to the practice; Shelley is a Councillor and Psychotherapist and very experienced in dealing with anxiety, OCD, depression, PTSD, psychosis, personality issues, loss, trauma, pain, existential issues, addiction, and relationship problems. I wish her luck and good fortune at Iwood.

My plans for the year of the Monkey

This year I look forward to furnishing and working in my new room at Iwood and welcoming new colleagues to work in the idyllic surroundings of Iwood Manor.

I have enrolled myself into a part time 3 year Post Graduate Diploma course with the Xiantian College of  Daoist Medicine, where I will be refreshing my knowledge and growing my breadth of understanding of Chinese Medicine.

I wish you all a very Happy, Healthy and Fun year of the monkey.

Just beware of the mischief of those monkeys wherever they may be!

Chinese New Year 2016 The Year Of The Monkey

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